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Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!
Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!

Think out of the Box

Our new DTG solution will save you thousands in ink costs with an innovative bulk system with white ink circulation, new generation Epson heads, and available in two , six and up to 12 platens to ensure the most productivity.


Two Printheads included

All our DTG printers includes last generation Epson TFT printheads with more clogging resistance.

Industrial Bulk System

Save thousands in print costs. Our industrial one-liter container ink tanks will save you thousands vs. DTG printers with cartridge-based systems.

Automatic White ink Stirring

Our system to avoid white ink clogging giving more life to the printheads and consistency between prints.

Automatic Laser sensor

Automatically adjust the ideal height to avoid any head strike and ideally locates the head to maximize printing quality.

Three Platens Included

With every model, we include three platens for Small 250x300mm (9.84"x11.81"), Medium 350x400m (13.78"x15.75"), and Large 400x500mm (15.75"x19.68").

Control Panel

Continuous Printing Function, White ink circulation control, Emergency Stop, White ink Stirring (Adjustable).


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