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Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!
Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!

Sertec Eagle TX S Textile Industrial Series

by Sertec
Original price $101,654.00 - Original price $132,371.00
Original price
$101,654.00 - $132,371.00
Current price $101,654.00
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The Eagle, unlike normal printers, was created to answer to industrial needs of flexible and high-quality prints without reducing the output volumes. For this reason, Eagle TX S features multiple print heads.

Eagle 70 S can be equipped with 2, 3, or 4 print heads that can be configured to suit your needs.
This feature allows Eagle 70 S to be incredibly fast even when printing black or colored garments up to 120 t-shirt/h.

The Eagle 70 S detect automatically the garment to print realizing prints with an accurate and constant positioning ensuring uniform productions suitable for automatic printing line.
With the tablet app is possible to control the printer remotely and print previous works without a computer.

Material thickness up to 250mm

One of the most important features is the ability to work with a variable thickness of up to 250 mm. The machine automatically detects the height of the object and sets all parameters to achieve optimum print quality.                                                                                                                                


Multiple print heads

Thanks to the innovative Multihead technology Eagle TX S can be equipped with 2, 3, or 4 printheads drastically increasing print speed without compromises on quality, reaching the speed of 120 t-shirt/h!                                                                                                                                                                 

Open ink system

The under-pressure ink system avoids the formation of an air bubble on the circuit, the white ink is also on constant recirculation to avoid the sedimentation. The result is a global cost reduction with reduced maintenance downtime and less print head cleaning required.                                                                                                        


Remote management via tablet

Eagle printers of new generations can be controlled remotely via tablet. This allows the operator to perform the normal management operations and always have the printer status available.


Dedicated software RIP

WhiteRIP is the professional printing software developed by EV Network s.r.l that has a specific function for textile and industrial printing to increase output and reduce preparation time like inline printing and template management.



Textiles Applications




Custom platen

The equipment includes standard size platen, but if you need we can provide platen of non-standard size and to print the full table. We have also platen for jeans and caps to let you print on any garment you want.



Semi-automatic line (Included in the Price)

With belts that bring back print platen to the start of the loop is needed only one operator to load and unload the printer.