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Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!
Pick your DTGTEX bundle and get up to $1,000 Off regular price (Printer+Pretreat+Heat Press or Oven) in any combination!

Sertec Eagle DigiScreen 60

by Sertec
Original price $71,100.00 - Original price $71,100.00
Original price
$71,100.00 - $71,100.00
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DigiScreen printer is the contact point between DTG printing and screen printing.
DigiScreen integrates perfectly with any manual or automatic screen printing carousel and allows you to apply special effects of screen printing (flock, foil, glitter) to digital prints, all in a single production process giving you the opportunity to expand your business in the emerging digital market.

DigiScreen printer enables large volumes of high-quality products and speeds thanks to the digital printer with piezoelectric print heads with 8 channels, inks are stored in pressurizes bottles in an easy-access compartment in order to have always under control the amount allowing a considerable saving compared to cartridges.

The printer is also usable as a classic digital printer!!

Print heads height of the printer always keeps under control thanks to PHPC (Print Head Position Control) blocking the machine if there is an obstacle in the head route, so as to keep it safe from any breakages.

The digital printer is managed by a computer placed on a swivel arm directly on the machine, where a dedicated version of WhiteRip allows you to print with various optimizations using the full potential of your printer.



New Generation Print Heads

The new print heads have a better performance, they last longer thanks to the mirror treatment to prevent the deposit of color and clogging of the print nozzles.

Open ink system

The under-pressure ink system avoids the formation of an air bubble on the circuit, the white ink is also on constant recirculation to avoid sedimentation. The result is a global cost reduction with reduced maintenance downtime and less print head cleaning required.


Technical Data
Printing method: Direct to garment
Print size: 500 x 600mm
Max. print resolution: 1440dpi
Print head: Piezoelectric. 8 channels
Colors: C, M, Y, K White optional
Ink in bottles
PC Integrated
Power supply: 220 V





Addtional Specs



The PHPC system produces uniform prints and assures that the head installed in the printer is protected from strikes by constantly checking the position.


IRS is an innovative system that allows your machine to improve performance through a constant recirculation of white ink that prevents the creation of sediment and clogging of the nozzles in the head.


Line of dedicated inks, divided into different lines, UV Led, Hybrid, and Water base. SER.TEC. and DPI DG Printing recommends its use, as they are specifically for their own printers.


Thanks to the sincroprint function you will be able to print the white base and colours together in a single print. This will eliminate the time for the second print halving the time and increasing the output!